• Pakistani students of Middle East Technical University (METU) organized “Pakistan Day” celebrations and showcased rich Pakistani culture through an array of performances in Ankara. (Photo courtesy: Pakistan Embassy, Ankara)

Urdu Literary Event in Ankara


Pakistani Ambassador to Turkey, Sohail Mahmood, addressing the literary gathering. (Photo Courtesy: Pakistan Embassy, Ankara)

ANKARA: As part of activities aimed at promotion of Urdu in Turkey, a “Bazm-e-Shair o Sukhan,” was held in Ankara on May 4, 2016. Members of the Pakistani community, with interest in Urdu poetry and prose, participated in the event. They were joined by members of the faculty of Urdu Department, Ankara University. Read more…


Interview: Abul Hasan Naghmi, founder of the Society of Urdu Literature (USA)



This picture was not taken in Pakistan or India. It was captured on the National Mall (Washington D.C.) during the 4th of July celebration on Saturday. Organizers laid out some charpoys in the rest area of the event staff and volunteers.
Charpoy or chaarpai (or manji/manja in Punjabi) is used mostly in rural areas of South Asian countries.
(Photo: Rana Fawad)